"The reason you can proclaim the word is because you have it stored up within you. It is the background noise of your life. When trials come you can just turn up the volume." - Crawford Loritts
  1. Lack of Joy in life
    Psalm 16. (Idolatry is misery (v. 4), laziness is a killer (v. 7), gratitude a measurement (v. 5-6), & presence is present (v. 11 ). He who knows the joy of life with God, dwells with great security (v. 1). Joshua 24:14-15 (I am a slave/serve someone or something at all times. If I don't choose to serve God, I have chosen to serve other gods. If I don't pick God, my heart will pick one for me. Do not be fooled to think you must choose an idol, they are naturally there and must be put away v 23).
  2. "Secret" sins (self-centered, idolatry, lust, envy, etc) & poor stewardship of time, money, etc.
    Psalm 139:1-7 (understand the ever-present and knowledgeable nature of God)
  3. When I want control
    Psalm 139:16 (who am I to say what my life should look like? My days are not just numbered (James 4:13-14), they are written too.)
  4. When I only consider my own thoughts on a subject
    Psalm 139:117-118 (God has a LOT of thoughts on everything. More than I can imagine. Yet, I only think, discern, and judge from my limited human perspective? Or do I pray and want to know Gods thoughts on all subjects? Or what he can speak/give through others around me?) Proverbs 16:1 (Plans are not final nor the answer. I can and should plan, but God has the final word. And the answer, the way, the truth lies with Him.)
  5. Bitterness, resentment, and un forgiveness
    Colossians 3:13 (How did Christ forgive? While we were still wrong, rebellious, aggressive, evil, ignorant, prideful and ENEMIES. Forgiveness like Christ - forgives before the offender even realizes or acknowledges an offense. And does not seek to be recognized, understood, or repayed.)
  6. Working unto man (for attention, pleasing, or self)
    Col. 3:17; 23-24 (Not just "not for man", but in the name of the Lord.) (My hard work should be an expression of gratitude unto God.) (success is not dependent on my hard work - what God wills will succeed. My hard work expresses a grateful devotion towards God. - knowing when to work, when to stop, and truly working hard). Proverbs 16:3 (work is designed to be given to the Lord. If he is your ultimate master - then he is worthy of all work and the heart of work).
  7. In-sincere followership
    Col. 3:22-24 (People-pleasing is when you follow in action but not in heart. A duplicity in obedience.) (Not sincere in following a man? Fear God - tells you to follow and obey sincerely.. Because this is what God wants.) (Whenever I am a poor follower - it's not because I'm a poor follower of man, I'm a poor follower of God.) (half hearted obedience always roots back to half hearted obedience to God)
  8. Lust, sloth, uncleanliness, poor dress, and sins with my body.
    1 Thes 4:3-4 (Gods will is our sanctification or holiness. Which includes each of us possessing our bodily vessel properly. Think of stewardship of a sea vessel. As a captain, must upkeep and care for it, but also know how to utilize and steer it properly. But what good is it if I am a captain of a boat with autopilot? That is no credit to the standing of me as a captain.)
  9. Improper Mourning (without hope)
    1 thes 4:13-18 (we as believers should grieve differently than the world. There is hope and joy in our grieving. And do I as a brother in Christ encourage my fellow followers in Christ to meditate on the victory won? On christs coming? On the outcome? If not - I let them live no different than those who have no hope in Christ Jesus.)
  10. Arrogance of disposition
    Proverbs 16:2;5 (Arrogance is not always a thought towards myself vs others. But it is always a disposition of the heart. This is hidden from sight, and must be sought - v.2. And it is disgusting to God who is Lord).
  11. When my plans are frustrated
    Prov. 16:1-9, 25, 32-33 - Man can only plan. God predestines. - Man's plans cannot be trusted, but God can. - Man's plans are of better use for learning his motives, than for following. - Man should take comfort in God's sovereignty. Frustration is the loss of this perspective. Illusion of control or that man should have said control.
  12. When my plans are frustrated pt. 2
    Prov. 16:1-9, 25, 31-33 - - Righteousness is of way greater value than life plans. What if man planned as intentionally for righteousness as he does his career? - Gray hair should be gained not from stress of career, keeping up with joneses, or other worthless pursuits... But from pursuit of righteousness. - Better to rule my spirit in righteousness than to conquer the world. - Men don't make decisions (God. Men make motions (lots, feeling, reasoning, bottom line).
  13. Leading others in a sinful way
    Prov. 16:29 - I don't just act apart from people, I'm always leading others towards righteousness or sinfulness. - when I lead others to sin by my example or enticing, it is violence. And way worse violence than the physical kind. I wage war on their souls. - I will be a violent man. But will I be violent towards righteousness or towards godlessness?
  14. Godless appetite
    Prov 16:26 - what does my work say about my appetite? What do I work for? What does my heart really want? My work will tell me this. What urges me? What pushes me forward? And work doesn't mean just work, but works. Do my works come from a hunger/thirst for righteousness and glorifying/praising God or from something else? Either way - my work can tell me a lot about myself.
  15. When my plans are frustrated pt. 3
    Prov. 16:20 - Plans are meant more for the process of walking with God, than meant for strict execution. - it is good to give thought and to plan. Faithless and thoughtless not to. - Planning should be an act of trust and faith, not of arrogant self-centeredness. - Give though to making your plans, AND HOW/WHY you made your plans. Forethought and after thought or evaluation. - Trust in the Lord is possible with knowledge of his sovereignty.
  16. Frustration when confronted
    Prov 17:10 (Rebuke should go deep into my heart. It has depth when I experience remorse, repent, and act upon this repentance. Hard to do so if I am more focused on how I disagree or holding onto a ledger of wrongs.)
  17. Replaying an offense in my head
    Prov 17:9 (I often replay scenes in my head where I was wronged, and then change my response. Almost a way of telling off someone or having a different response to make me feel better. This is not forgiveness, but revenge in the mind.) Proverbs 19:11 (There is no glory in seeing, or finding something offensive. It gets you nowhere. It is not admirable, nor gains adoration, or attention of any worth.)
  18. When I don't want to care for a needy friend, or put myself In Harms way
    Prov 17:17 (at all times and brother are actually born for adversity, not adventure, not comfort, not mutual interests.... But adversity.) (So, want to be a friend? Lack friends? Maybe ask yourself when was the last time you looked to care for someone in the midst of adversity or a storm in life?)
  19. When I feel dry
    Prov 17:22 (joy is medicine to any circumstance. But you must be centered on true joy - psalm 16.)
  20. When I am quick to give an opinion
    Prov 17:27 (if I speak quickly - it means I think I have knowledge. If I speak slowly, it means I have knowledge. A sign of godly knowledge is the understanding of how little you know.) 18:2 (do I ask questions - the sign of seeking to understand and understanding I don't understand? Or do I just meet opinion with opinion like a fool? And remain a fool.) Prov 18:17 (Don't let examination of your thoughts and words come from others first. Consider your way before you act or speak. Examine.)
  21. When I am impatient or judgmental towards younger men/women or disciples
    Heb 5:2 (priest is patient with shortcomings of others because he himself sees his own. He must sacrifice for his own sins even more than those around him. The priest was required to be aware of his own sins so much, that others pale in comparison to his. So, I must give great attention and reflection to my sins as a minister of the gospel.) Prov 18:13 (always seek to hear someone out before correction when time is available.)
  22. When sin or life seems like too much to fight
    Judges 1:35 (Sin and the world will persist with great tenacity. This is no surprise. But the question is - will I meet its tenacity? Will I fight like I should? The Israelites did not kill every seed of evil, and it wrecked their lives. Same with mine.)
  23. When I am isolated
    Proverbs 18 is a chapter about community and isolation! Prov 18:1 (I am seeking my own pleasure. Not care, love, giving, or anything related to what God has called me to. But instead, seeking my own desires and feeding selfishness. And, it's against sound judgment!) 18:24 (Do not seek a million Facebook friends over one true friend.) 18:22 (Finding a wife is good. And obtain favor. Seeking a wife is good as well then.)
  24. When my tongue is improper
    Prov 18:4 (No matter what is said - it comes from a deep place. Is it a well of life bubbling up? Or is it an active volcano?) 18:20 (What is say reveals an appetite of my soul. Examine and repent.)
  25. When I am lazy, or working aimless
    Prov 18:9 (when lazy or aimless - I don't simply bring nothing to the table... I bring destruction. Everything tends towards decay, and I only enable it if I lack intentionality, purpose, or vigor in my work.)
  26. When I feel humiliated
    Prov 18:12 (humiliation is tough on dignity and earthly honor, but good for the soul. And a healthy soul brings true honor.)
  27. When I listen to lies
    Prov 18:20-21 (I choose what I listen to and take to heart. What I choose to believe shows what my souls appetite is. Hear the truth and repent. My tongue is an appetite of my heart and so are my ears toward the mouths of others.)
  28. When I see idols in my life
    Judges 2:1-3 (Need to start by asking 'have I torn down the idols in my midst?' Want to not serve an idol? Tear it down. Don't expect to stand strong against an idol that you allow to stand in your midst.) Proverbs 21:22 (Wisdom tears down anything I inappropriately put my trust in). Jonah 2:8 (Forsake my only hope of steadfast love for temporary self-love. This has no hope and it kills relationship and faith in God).
  29. When things seem bleek or I doubt if I do the right thing (because of circumstances or lack of fruit)
    Prov 19:8 (Gaining knowledge and truth is good. But equally great is he who KEEPS this understanding... And he will discover good in the future. Not promised to see good or results today from our acting in truth.)
  30. When I am so focused on the outward appearance of a future mate
    Prov 19:14 (Prudence is of GREAT worth and only can be a gift from God. Judgement, wisdom, decisions). Judges 3:6 (Whomever you marry - you will tend towards worship of the god she serves).
  31. When I get all caught up pursuing accolades or skills, and hope they make my resume appealing to man
    Prov 19:21-23 (What God desires in me - is steadfast love. Nothing greater for me to develop, build, or practice. This is His purpose is developing His son more and more into the lover that He is.) Jonah 2:8 (Idolatry forsakes steadfast love).
  32. When I think I can ruin God plans or will
    Jonah 1:1-4 (If God wants me to go somewhere, I'll go. My goal should be to go on terms of joyful obedience... Not rebellion.)
  33. Pray, pursue, ponder, pragmatic
    Prov 20:5 (when making decisions or direction in my life - I need to always go to God in prayer first. But second - is to dig and seek counsel from the heart of other men).
  34. When I find myself bragging
    Prov. 20:6 (I can brag all I want. But am I faithful unto the Lord? Probably not.).20:9 (I can't say I have made myself clean or a good man. I have nothing to brag about... But foolishness).
  35. When I have an extreme perspective
    Prov 20:10 (This is all the time. They are detestable to God... Why? They are lies and lies of the deepest sorts - they are lies in the measures... Not just the outcomes).
  36. When I am distracted to work in sacrifice of time in Gods word
    Prov 20:15 (Gold is abundant and you can find it in many ways. Do I pursue knowledge and wisdom like I do money? Do I pursue them to be a gift to others? They are not precious just to me).
  37. Fearing anything other than God
    Prov 22:4 (straight forward. 2 ingredients, 3 outcomes).
  38. When I think I have little possessions
    Prov 22:9 (I actually just don't have an eye for seeing all God has given me and what I can give. I need to develop an eye to give).
  39. When my leaders are not favorable towards me or I disagree with them
    Prov 22:11 (Always check my heart with the Lord- ami truly loving and flowing the Lord? And always speak graciously towards and with others.).
  40. When I am disciplined or rebuked
    Prov 22:15 (Discipline drives foolishness and folly from my heart).
  41. Anything done in deceit (reputation, money, appearance of work, etc)
    Prov 20:17 (It may seem to satisfy, but deceit won't pass. It will get in the digestive tract and a painful surgery or continuing to bear it will occur.).
  42. Verbally processing with everyone (or being a complete open book)
    Prov 20:19 (Not always beneficial, tho not sinful. Not good for you or most people to just be an open book or to vomit on people you don't have trust with). (Technically - if I babble to a babbler... I babble to everyone... And I am the gossip).
  43. When I want to lash out, judge, or take revenge.
    Prov 20:22 (Repaying is NEVER a term we see in scripture... Not in the positive or negative. Our tendency is to repay evil and expect good. But this is rooted much in the same problem I have when I want to repay the good done to me --- a works based repayment and thinking in terms of ledger. God doesn't work in ledger, he works in blood. God will repay. Leave it to him).
  44. When my plans are frustrated pt. 4
    Prov 20:24 (Again- steps are from God... Not me. So how can I even understand my way?)
  45. When I don't see God in my daily happenings
    Prov 20:28 (Solomon understands that it is the steadfast love of others he is where he is. Now particularly, if God holds and controls all my plans... It is only by his steadfast love that my every circumstance is held and established. I am least to be praised for my favorable circumstances - but God foremost and others second. It is by their steadfast love that I am where I am).
  46. When I think wisdom abounds from me
    Prov 20:29 (My glory is strength - and that strength should go towards full devotion to the Lord and obedience. Wisdom will always show itself in time, but humility and strength are rarely exemplified for me).
  47. When I only make decisions on reasoning and what I see
    Prov 21:2 (I will always seem right in my eyes. Is prayer and conversing with God my first step in all things? And is my heart being weighed my God?).
  48. Whenever I think highly of myself
    Prov 21:4 (This is the plowing, the work of sin. I'm always going to try and work to make me feel good about myself... Think highly of myself. This is not just the temptation... This is the sin). 21:31 (We are to prepare and work hard - but all victory is in Gods hands).
  49. Hasty moves. When I jump in quick or out quick.
    Prov 21:5 (Poverty comes when I jump in and out quickly. I'm quick to abandon ship- rather I need to make slow decision on the big ones and quick to stay with it).
  50. When I want to hold back from giving, because of tiredness, fear or jealousy
    Prov 21:26 (Sluggards are characterized as leeches... They only receiver. The righteous gives and gives and gives).
  51. When as a father or leader I don't want to be vulnerable
    Prov 23:22-28 (He was observe my ways, not just my good ways. He lists negative things).
  52. Ungodliness (Not being consciously aware of presence of God in my life)
    1 Timothy 4:7-8; 1 Cor. 10:31; Col. 1:9-10;3:23; Psalm 42:1-2; 63:1; 27:4; 139:1-4
  53. Discontentment of my circumstances/design
    Psalm 139:13 (God has knitted/purposed ALL of me. "If we believe that we are who we are and what we are because that is the way God made us, then we can learn to accept our disabilities, circumstances and believe that He can even use them to glorify Himself"- bridges.) (God knows what's best for you. Accept it. You are not a victim, but a steward of your life. lord, I am will to receive what you give, lack what you withhold, relinquish what you take. ) job 1:21
  54. Lack of gratitude pt 1
    Gratitude seems to be a condition of magnitude. Our gratitude is focused on that which we are MOST grateful for, then all others to lesser degree. Problem is - how often am I grateful for the best gift ever given to me (salvation)? I'm like Luke 17:11-19 for Ephesians 2:1-5. And if I am not gratefully dwelling and living in my salvation - how am I going to be grateful for all the smaller acts of kindness in my life? Want to have more gratitude in your life? Have gratitude for Life in God.
  55. Lack of gratitude pt 2
    Acts 17:25 (All things from God. Our whole lives should be filled with gratitude of a people who deserve nothing.) Deut 8:11-14, 17-18 (Best way to not forget - is to acknowledge. In order to acknowledge - you must not be distracted, and to not be distracted - you must stop. Cease.) Meals are best for me here - stop and acknowledge WHOSE this is. But what if every time I receive something - I stop to acknowledge? - Eph 5:20 (Always and Everything is to be given thanks.) this is a sin not to.
  56. Lack of gratitude pt 3
    Romans 1:18-32 (One of the first sins that leads to moral decline - is not acknowledging God as God and giving gratitude.) Want to live a godly life? Give thanks. Futile thinking (God being absent from mind) is the result of an un thankful heart and mind. Renew your mind to gratitude, then your heart will, and your mind will be less and less futile, simple, and godless. Godlessness leads to a lack of gratitude, but a lack of gratitude leads to godlessness as well.
  57. Godless Gratitude
    I am quick to be grateful, but not to God. I am grateful to myself first and foremost. Beware of "not honoring God" - Romans 1:18-34. He is deserving of honor, praise, and acknowledgment in ALL things we get, experience, and lose. Do I have gratitude for things I lose? And not just because if I lose them, that means I had them - but rather, because I believe God took it from me... And he knows best, loves me, and is presently acting in my life? When I lose something - I need to see Gods presence
  58. Thinking that my circumstances are purposed for my comfort
    Romans 8:28-39 (Our "good" is our being conformed to the image of Jesus. Instruments of sanctification. My tendency is to think God both should and does orchestrate my circumstances to my comfort... Which shows more of what I value. I should not want God to value what I value, but I should value what God values - my sanctification. So my circumstances are orchestrated well to my growth in His image. So I must engage with my circumstances in this way. As my playground of sanctification.)
  59. When I'm disappointed
    Romans 8:18-39; 1 Thes 5:18; Psalm 139:13; Eph 5:20 - (Give thanks. And you do so in the promises of God - that it's for my good, it's beyond my sight, and God is in control. He intends it for my good. Ask to genuinely believe it in mind and heart. Give thanks knowing that these providences are further reminder of God's presence in your life. Nothing is circumstantial, all is providential.)
  60. When I think more money is an answer
    Eccl 5:10-12 (Is this driven by my appetite? If it is... It will never be quenched or fed. I will always feel like I don't make enough money. Do not underestimate the overestimation of the importance of money in your life.)
  61. When I regret or think I made a poor commitment/promise
    Eccl 5:5-7 (This is referring to vows to God. But, what does other scripture have to say about vows to men? I haven't read anywhere it say go ahead and break them. This passage is filled with warnings regarding your tongue in this time. Be careful not to speak hastily or say you regret.)
  62. When I don't want my current life circumstances
    Eccl 5:18-20 (What I have in life - is my lot from God. A great and mature discipline in life is to take joy in my lot, because God has given it to me and it comes from His hand. And he is good, loving, and capable - so this lot is most good, loving, and capable for my life. Eccl 7:14 (God has made both prosperity and adversity. He is in control of them both and is God of them both. He has made them both - primarily so that I cannot be comfortable or arrogant with my future in THINGS.)
  63. When life is really prosperous, or facing adversity
    Eccl 7:14 (When in prosperity - praise God and be joyful. But consider and know that adversity will come soon. This will not last forever- which is my sinful expectation. When adversity comes - Know that God made both of these! He is God of adversity and he made this circumstance. Why did he make it? So that the changes in circumstances do not allow me to be so arrogant to think that I am in control, or that This comfort will persist. I must find comfort in Him, not my circumstances.)
  64. When I cannot seem to shake something I'm made about
    Eccl 7:9 (Anger sticks in hearts of fools. And to become angry quick - gives lot of opportunity for it to stick. I should never run weary in my attempts to overlook an offense. If I'm quick to anger - probably means I think I am better than I really am. I think I'm wise and can afford to get angry or self-righteous/judgmental - but in reality, if I realize how much a fool I am --- I greatly desire to overlook a personal offense.
  65. Impatience
    Eccl 7:8 (Better to end well than to begin. And patience is in direct contrast to pride. Quickness to anger is impatience in spirit - v. 9. "When circumstances are not ideal, but authority to change those is not present - patience is required".)
  66. When I don't think my circumstances are providential from God
    Eccl 7:10 (Prime example - looking back at other days in life and thinking I made a mistake, or that those were "better" days, or woulda coulda shoulda. It's not that these hypothesize are wrong per se - but they don't change the fact that God planned this and I can't screw it up. It's possible for me to make a poor decision, learn from it, but not beat myself up about it because I still realize God had this planned. And therefore - it's a good circumstance and trumps whatever poor decision.)
  67. When I notice wavering or fear at all in life
    Isa 7:9- is my faith lacking? I must have faith to truly be Gods man of courage. Faith is essential to manhood and growth into manhood.