Upon writing, I realized that I have some form of separation anxiety / OCD / and/or hoarding issues.
  1. Blue pentel RSVP pens (4) The only color/brand pen I will ever be caught dead using
  2. All of my earrings. ALL of them
  3. Zyrtec-D, Allegra, 24 hr Sudafed. (Pretty sure I'm the West Village's z-pak drug dealer)
  4. Black moleskin notebooks. (3) All different sizes. All carrying similar information. Can easily be condensed into (1) but won't ever be
  5. (4) metro cards, all with different values. None of which will last more than 2 weeks in my possession before I lose them
  6. Trident whitening gum (2) in Wintergreen and Spearmint (if asked, everyone has a preference)
  7. (3) sets of keys. All open different doors. All of which will never be used during the same day
  8. (3) pairs of glasses. WP Watts Bifocals, WP Haskell Sunnies & RayBan Club Master Sunnies
  9. (1) MacBook Air. If you ever see a drunk girl with a Madewell bag (2) brown or black, go into her bag and steal her laptop. She should not have brought it out with her to this bar and she deserves to be taught a lesson.