1. The Jinx
    I love creepy things. I love weird fads. I'm definitely too late to the game.
  2. True detective (season 2)
    Stop telling me how bad it was, it just makes me wanna watch it more.
  3. Game of Thrones
    I know, I know. Side note: I regularly quote popular lines in public places thus pretending I'm 'in' with the 'it' crowd
  4. American Horror Story (seasons 1,4 & all future seasons.
    No explanation necessary
  5. The Wire
    I'm a TV writer. There is zero excuse. I need to watch this show. I'm taking this show off this list. I swear...
  6. Olive Kitteridge
    I just lied. I'm trying to sound well-rounded. I know it won Frances McDormand a ton of awards
  7. Doll & Em
  8. Grace & Frankie
  9. Any title with two names held together with an ampersand