As requested by @bambradley
  1. You guys hungry?
    Moms always offer food. Studies suggest this trait is established around the third trimester.
  2. Do you like Justice Beaver?
  3. What time did you get home?
    With care, moms always want to know when you came home from your fun adventures--or from falling asleep on a couch/sofa/bed.
  4. Show me how to do that thing...
    Occasionally looking for guidance, moms would like for you to them how to do various activities: iPhone, music, video, other media platforms, etc.
  5. Have you heard of...?
    Always thinking they've found the next greatest thing, moms want to "name drop" to their acquaintances. In this situation, it is respectful and most proper to gently put the mom down. Don't be harsh, people.
  6. How do I look?
  7. My child is x, do you know him/her?
    Moms always want to know if you know their kin.