California Halloween Weekend Trip Report

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    Danny Elfman concert at Hollywood Bowl
    One of the coolest experiences, a dream come true!
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    Kidnap the Sandy Claws favorite performance of the night
    Danny Elfman Paul Reubens aka Peewee Herman and Catherine O'Hara aka Kevin's mom in Home Alone as Lock Shock and Barrel
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    Drinks at Cathay Circle at California Adventure
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    Disneyland Halloween Party
    Favorite costume of the night was a dad dressed up as the tower from Tangled with his baby as Rapunzel
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    Haunted Mansion becomes Nightmare Before Christmas themed 🎃 this time of year!
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    New addition this year to the ride, Sally near the end
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    Zero, Jack Skellingtons dog, flies around the castle during the fireworks unable to get good pic though 😬
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    Duff's Cake Mix
    Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes has a bakery where you can come in and just decorate which is a dream come true for me! Love the part where I didn't have to do any prep or clean up 😜
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    Universal Back Lot tour
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    Minion Land 🍌
    Wish they had another ride different from Orlando but it was themed cute
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    Three things different from Orlando's ride... 3D, more dementors at the end, and the spider scene has more spiders and they are easier to see
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    Overall a great Halloweeny jam packed weekend seeing some old friends! 🎃💀🎃