Suggestions for unusual party games appreciated, looking forward to hosting my first one in my new place and want some new ideas!
  1. Box of Lies
    I want everyone to bring a weird object they made and play this one, it seems like a blast! @FallonTonight is my main source of inspiration, it always seems like the guests have a blast playing the games with Jimmy
  2. A Fake Artist Goes to New York
    Telestrations is probably my favorite game so I think a different spin on it would be interesting. @ThereWillBeGames I will be buying this one soon thanks to your list!
  3. Egg Roulette
    Pretty gross but still seems fun 😝
  4. 2 truths and a lie
    It's a great way to learn random interesting and strange facts about friends.
    Suggested by @corksnreads
  5. 2 Rooms and a Boom
    Two teams. One President. One Bomber. Zero trust.
    Suggested by @ThereWillBeGames