Maui Day 3

🌴 🌊💙🌊🌴
  1. Leaving Oahu
    You can see down into the crater of Diamond Head
  2. Hawaiian airlines gives you a tasty cup of juice
    Even though you are only in the air for about 30 mins to get to Maui
  3. Windmills as we descend to land in Maui
  4. Gotta check out that rental car damage
    Cars rust so bad in Hawaii, this car was beat up 😬
  5. Best breakfast I've had on the islands
    The Gazebo has the best banana macadamia nut pancakes and quite possibly the best pancake I've ever had
  6. Neat little bell for whale season
    Maui is best in my opinion during whale season which is in the winter months
  7. Ziplining main activity of the day
    Used this company don't have any pictures that I took yet still on the go pro but the views were absolutely breathtaking. It was a blast! I thought I'd be more afraid but not after the first one, got over it fast
  8. Update
    Downloaded some videos from go pro. Here is my attempt at Shaka...couldn't screenshot it at right moment
  9. Up above Lahaina
  10. Loved looking out towards ocean 💙🌊💙
  11. Nene
    Official state bird of Hawaii never seen one before!
  12. 💙
    Hike down to heart shaped rock down at Nakalele blowhole
  13. Beautiful landscape
  14. 😋 Fat Daddy's... delicious bbq
    Got turned away at Mamas fishhouse. Definitely need to make reservations beforehand. So we drove to hotel area and found this BBQ place. Didn't even know it was Guy Fieri endorsed til we walked in 😜