1. The view
    Didn't see our view til morning since we got to hotel so late. Stayed in Wailea never stayed on that side before. Kaanapali is still my favorite though
  2. Waterfall rappelling day!
    Rode in the car for about an hour on the Road to Hana. Our tour guides were Cole and Taylor.
  3. Our destination was the Garden of Eden
    This is Keopuka Rock which is in the opening scenes of Jurassic Park 🚁🌴🚁
  4. Definitely wear sneakers and no flops if you can
    So much mud I was slipping and sliding everywhere in my sandals. I asked guide before leaving if flops were ok and she said yes she was wearing them too. But I ended up being covered in mud
  5. We hiked up the trail to our first practice rappel
    It was a lot of fun! I slipped and fell but recovered better than I thought I would.
  6. Then it started to drizzle so our guide said we were going to do the finale next as in the one ending in the water
    My friend went down first. Then the tour guide noticed the water level change on one of the waterfalls and started to kinda get frantic and said we would not be able to go down. He saw a flash flood last week up there and made the decision to not move on with the rappel. So we went back to the ones not near the water
  7. We did a total of three rappels
    Each was a little tougher than the last
  8. Disappointed that we didn't get to complete the rappel near the waterfall
    But that's the weather for ya. Definitely will try to go back and complete the rappel one day. So for now, waterfall rappelling is only half checked off my list 😁
  9. We did get to swim near the waterfall at the end of the tour.
    They provided lunch at the end of the tour and then we piled in the car back towards town.
  10. So many pretty flowers and trees
    The guide picked some lipstick ginger and passion fruit for us to sample and eat
  11. Went back to the hotel to use the hospitality suite to clean up
    Never been more muddy in my life 💩
  12. Headed over to Wailea village for dinner at Cheeseburger Island Style 🍔
  13. Back to airport to fly back to Oahu ✈️