Decided to make this dream happen ASAP... My sister confessed she wanted to have for her bday one year so my friends and I are going to make it happen and surprise her.
  1. Who says only kids get all the fun?!
  2. Me calling every company
  3. Bouncy houses were not a thing when we were little, we had our parties at cool places like Discovery Zone or the slightly less cool Chuckie Cheese
  4. Finally saw a truck that other day at the gas station advertising jump houses
    Giphy downsized medium
    Called them then and there pretty sure they answered the phone right next to me and they said yes! They rent them for adults! Score! 🙌🏻
  5. Cannot wait!!! Will list again after the party 🎪
  6. Static
    Update months later : party was a success! We ordered pizza and they had a spot for special deliver instructions so we put down Come into the backyard and slide down the bouncy slide so the pizza delivery guy had the best delivery of his night 🤣 it started a trend as well bc my friend's husband surprised her with her own bouncy party for her golden bday!