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I'm sorry I'm bored and don't feel like studying science,so this is what I do.
  1. Andrew creer and some girl
  2. Colleen Ballinger
    The person who makes me smile without doing anything.
  3. person I can't live without
    seriously can't live without her,she makes me so so happy and I just love her so much.
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(ATTENTION:mostly Debby Ryan and Colleen Ballinger)
  1. Debby Ryan (@Debby)
    She's my first because duh,she means the whole world to me and I'd die for this girl. Her happiness is the most important thing in the whole world. I adore her.
  2. Colleen Ballinger/Evans
    Her saying is "spread happiness",who wouldn't want an idol like that? She has such a good vibe and she makes me smile a a lot.
  3. Debby knowing I'm obsessed with Colleen
    Literally I tweeted Debby about Colleen then a second after she followed Colleen. She favs her tweets too and sometimes I tweet Debby about how it's annoying when she and Colleen come online at the same time and she favs it's like my fav thing.
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Haha okay let's start here's reasons why debby should become a YouTube haha
  1. Her life is fucking dope
    (Not the crying a parts)
  2. She would become friends with Colleen Ballinger who I've been tweeting her about 24/7
  3. She would collab with youtubers and you would fan girl so hard
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Mostly youtubers
  1. Debby Ryan
    She has to be first because she's my absolute fav and I would do anything for her @Debby
  2. Colleen ballingers/Evans
    The first YouTube I got addicted too and now I have an account for her boobs. Lmao never thought I would say that
  3. Joshua Evans
    The most adorable human and his words are great
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I'm cheesy,but I love her more than anything in the world even though she doesn't know I exist.Shes all I think about,deal with it.
  1. I wanna stop seeing ur smile through a screen and look at it in real life.I wanna see ur eyes,the eyes I've been seeing through a screen for years,and look at them and then,thank god for making this beautiful angel.
  2. Ur soul is too good,to be in this planet.We need more people like you in life,but we can't.There is only one person and she's called Deborah Ann Ryan.
  3. Knowing that you live like 14 hours away,and we could never meet,makes me cry.I wanna hug you,and tell you how much I love you,words can't tell you that.I wanna say it to you,not by a social media.But that could never fucking happen.
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  1. Thinking about @Debby at 1 am and cry because I'll never get to see her smile in real life only in 'pictures'
  2. Not meeting my internet friends (they made me happy again+debby)
  3. Anxiety,I don't have it.But my friend has it and debby I don't know how it feels like but knowing that there hurt makes me hurt.
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I just came back home from a holiday at Lebanon visiting my family and this is how it's like.
  1. When you enter a house the FIRST thing they'll ask is "inti jo3an?" Which means are you hungry. And the '3' is a strong g like GGGGG idk how to explain.
  2. I don't know Arabic well,but my whole family does.I was never interested in Arabic.But I had to learn because I live in an Arabic country but I don't know much.And it's so hard to talk to my family but I try.
  3. I always have a picture of @Debby with me (yes that's weird but she's the only person who could make me smile just seeing her face) and when my grandma asks me who is she it's so hard to explain.
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  1. Lmao it's just a reason and it's because @Debby has it
My life isn't interesting
  1. Wake up
  2. Eat
  3. Eat even more
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  1. My mom did I woke up to late and it was fucking 11:43am that's so early for me I usually wake up at 2pm
  2. Mom took my phone Because I didn't wake up but she forgot that I have 2 iPads lol