(ATTENTION:mostly Debby Ryan and Colleen Ballinger)
  1. Debby Ryan (@Debby)
    She's my first because duh,she means the whole world to me and I'd die for this girl. Her happiness is the most important thing in the whole world. I adore her.
  2. Colleen Ballinger/Evans
    Her saying is "spread happiness",who wouldn't want an idol like that? She has such a good vibe and she makes me smile a a lot.
  3. Debby knowing I'm obsessed with Colleen
    Literally I tweeted Debby about Colleen then a second after she followed Colleen. She favs her tweets too and sometimes I tweet Debby about how it's annoying when she and Colleen come online at the same time and she favs it's like my fav thing.
  4. She's adorable fr.
  5. Colleen Ballinger's covers
    It's seriously the best. Her voice is a blessing to this world.
  6. Secondhand by Debby Ryan
    That ish makes me cry
  7. Turkey
    By turkey I mean 🇹🇷 not the chicken okay?
  8. Drake and Rihanna
    Seriously omg
  9. Joshleen
    It's the cutest couple living
  10. Debby being single
    Lol better,I don't like seeing her heartbroken.
  11. This mean comment
    I laughed so hard.
  12. Her smile
    Best thing to look at.
  13. Colleen's smile.
    I love it (but nothing can beat Debbys)
  14. This is all about Colleen and Debby because their it happiness.
  15. This is lame but I'm bored
    Ps I love Debby Ryan