I'm cheesy,but I love her more than anything in the world even though she doesn't know I exist.Shes all I think about,deal with it.
  1. I wanna stop seeing ur smile through a screen and look at it in real life.I wanna see ur eyes,the eyes I've been seeing through a screen for years,and look at them and then,thank god for making this beautiful angel.
  2. Ur soul is too good,to be in this planet.We need more people like you in life,but we can't.There is only one person and she's called Deborah Ann Ryan.
  3. Knowing that you live like 14 hours away,and we could never meet,makes me cry.I wanna hug you,and tell you how much I love you,words can't tell you that.I wanna say it to you,not by a social media.But that could never fucking happen.
  4. PLUS! You made me meet @alltimerock so I adore you even more for that.
  5. I love you deborah @Debby