I just came back home from a holiday at Lebanon visiting my family and this is how it's like.
  1. When you enter a house the FIRST thing they'll ask is "inti jo3an?" Which means are you hungry. And the '3' is a strong g like GGGGG idk how to explain.
  2. I don't know Arabic well,but my whole family does.I was never interested in Arabic.But I had to learn because I live in an Arabic country but I don't know much.And it's so hard to talk to my family but I try.
  3. I always have a picture of @Debby with me (yes that's weird but she's the only person who could make me smile just seeing her face) and when my grandma asks me who is she it's so hard to explain.
  4. THE TRAFFIC,oh god.The streets are so slim and it's so hard. That's in Beirut.
  5. There's no hot water always.Ans the electricity switches off everyday for 3h.Im not use to it because I live in Kuwait.You have everything here plenty of electricity and water.
  6. The people are friendly.Like the whole place knows each other.They always ask how's your day and make you laugh.
  7. They don't stare! I love how they don't stare at you! In Kuwait the boys stare like they've never seen a girl before.Once they followed me and my sister we hid in a shop until they left.
  8. It's so hard to leave my family though.I started crying when I had to leave my cousin "wissam" he's the best cousin ever.He's so funny and fun.
  9. THEY HAVE SO MANY CELEB MAGAZINES OMG I BOUGHT ONE WITH DEBBY AND COLLEEN AND I STUCK THEM IN MY CLOSET.Debby has her own side with only her the rest are all together lol.
  10. It's hard to get to places.Everythings far from each other.And there's no drivers there and I don't mean uber I mean personal ones.
  11. Lebanon is a great country.You should visit the mountains too.