1. Thinking about @Debby at 1 am and cry because I'll never get to see her smile in real life only in 'pictures'
  2. Not meeting my internet friends (they made me happy again+debby)
  3. Anxiety,I don't have it.But my friend has it and debby I don't know how it feels like but knowing that there hurt makes me hurt.
  4. When there's no tissue in the bathroom.
  5. When I find out we don't have milk.(I get so mad)
  6. LAUNDRY! I had a maid for 10 years straight and we fired her and I don't know how to do shit and I'm lazy.
  7. When @Debby goes offline for two days straight.I remember last time when she did that I was so scared I was like is she safe? Did someone hurt her? I was losing my shit once she did it but 4 days.