Because dating is hard and talking is even harder
  1. Movies
    Meet there so you don't have to make small talk in the car
  2. Library
    You literally have to be silent
  3. Museums
    You won't have time to talk, not when there's so much art and culture to be seen and appreciated. At the very least, you'll look classy and sophisticated af
  4. Zoo
    Same concept as museums, except now you get to see all the cute animals. It's win/win all around
  5. Sports bars
    There are TVs everywhere. You can just pretend to be so engrossed with the game that you can't be bothered to chat
  6. Hiking
    Maybe if you walk fast enough they'll be too out of breath to make conversation
  7. Church
    Pray for the courage to be more outgoing
  8. Just don't
    Dating is hard, especially as an introvert. At least Netflix won't let you down