1. My friend who thinks "High School Musical" is overrated
    She doesn't know it yet, but I've just begun phasing her out
  2. My uncle who rated "Gods of Egypt" 10/10
    No, no, no. That movie is problematic and pretty racist, Uncle P.
  3. My aunt who fell asleep during "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and at the end said Captain Kirk was cute (❗️)
    I....just.... SMH, we watched it in IMax 3D too! :/
  4. My cousin who thinks Nicholas Spark's "Dear John" is the best romantic movie of all time
    More like Dear YAWN, amiright
  5. My mom who paid to watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2"
    And she was surprised when she went with her squad and they were the only ones watching
  6. My mom again who was checking her voicemail during "Hunger Games"
    I have no comment for this. Sorry the Girl on Fire being a badass doesn't amuse you, mother.
  7. Actual movie critics
    Some movies don't have to have a philosophical and deep meaning behind it. Some movies are just fun and stupid to watch. Looking at you, Vox.