We found love in a hopeless place
  1. We spend a ridiculous amount of time together
    I don't know about her but I count the hours that we are apart, and when we're not together, I track her every whereabouts via FindFriends. Right now, she's by the South Quad. (Thx, Apple)
  2. We plan our weekends together
    Bar hopping, concerts, grocery shopping, wine nights, our weekends are jam-packed and filled with activities
  3. We are planning a vacation together
    Bae is already planning on visiting me in DC this summer, and we are planning a December vacation later this year back to the motherland, the Philippines
  4. We like to talk about the good ole days
    Mostly about the shenanigans we got into freshman year, the ratchet times when we didn't know any better
  5. We are also comfortable with silence
    Our favorite pastime is hanging out, not talking, and going on our phones. Ah, Millennials
  6. We have regulars
    The trusty study spot in the library, 1/2 priced burgers at Joe's, Blue Moons at Murphy's
  7. We factor each other in
    In terms of future, post-grad plans, @Zeealist will be starting the revolution, destroying the system, and altering life as we know it. I'll be her inside man in the government
  8. We go grocery shopping together
    And thus end up sharing food and being responsible of feeding each other (this is a lot of trust). Most recently, we started to share toothpaste (If this doesn't scream commitment, I don't know what does)
  9. We are asked if we are actually dating
    This happens often. It's endearing.