Woke this morning to a power outage thanks to Hurricane Patricia...someone has to take the blame
  1. Secretly question yourself if you paid the light bill. I'm pretty sure this is PTSD for people who grew up in the hood by default lol
  2. In disbelief, check all your light switches
  3. Ask yourself this very important question: What would Liam Neeson do?
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  4. Realize how boojie your dogs are because they don't want to potty (yes, I said potty) outside
  5. Order everyone to put on house-shoes just in case someone steps in a surprise lol
  6. Try to remember where your breaker box is located and pretend in front of your loved ones that you know what the heck you're doing: "Yes, I've done this before (looking down)"
  7. Open up your screenless windows that you didn't know were screenless
  8. Kick yourself for not having lighter for Candles or batteries for flashlights
  9. Panic because you just went grocery shopping... (I knew we should've waited)
  10. Constantly open and shut the fridge door as you struggle to see and attempt to figure out what you need to eat right then and there..."Babe! These cookies are going to expire!"
  11. Panic some more when you realize that you didn't charge your phone the night before
  12. Only use your phone for emergency reasons only... Which justifies your reasons for being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and as you can tell the List App
  13. Once the power returns, do your best to not tell your family in efforts to save money lol