1. Your height
    You're not too tall but you're the perfect height for forehead kisses and nice hugs
  2. Your body
    Self explanatory but I really appreciate your abs and biceps
  3. Your eyes
    You always say they're boring and go on about how my blue eyes are far superior but I don't understand how you could say that about your eyes. They're so deep and warm and inviting and kind
  4. Your smile
    You criticize yourself on your teeth as well and claim they're crooked I find it so endearing....and nothing melts my heart more than the little half smile you do as you're about to kiss me
  5. Your (kind of) beard
    I love the way the scruff looks on your jawline and I love the way it feels on my neck
  6. Your lips
    Gonna leave it at that
  7. Your touch
    You touch me firmly and confidently and you always know exactly what you want but you touch me with a sort of softness as if I'm fragile
  8. Your voice
    I could listen to your deep voice and accent for days
  9. Your extreme care for me
    You're always worried about me and what I want and you go out of your way to make sure I feel safe and comfortable and happy which I appreciate so so so much
  10. The way you smeel
    Holy shit
  11. Everything about you