Acts I'm Excited to Be Booking in Circus Flora for 2015

Titling the show "One Summer on Second Street," setting it on a city block in the Jazz Age, 1920s-30s, USA. Excuse the videos, which are from shows of all different styles.
  1. Alanian Riders
    Cossack-style riding act with two men and two women. Fast-paced, exciting, a wee bit dangerous.
  2. Trained housecats
    Ukranian couple gets annoyed at local alleycats keeping them up at night, tames them.
  3. Adam Kuchler
    One of the best physical comedians out there today.
  4. The Flying Wallendas
    Classic, stately high wire act. They'll be a Czech family on the block, hanging their laundry out to dry.
  5. Tramp Wall
    First time Circus Flora will have a tramp wall act. Will fit the show perfectly -- four guys jumping off roofs and in and out of building windows. Put together by Christophe Hamel out of Quebec City.
  6. Daring Jones Duo
    An exciting and strong duo trapeze act. Do they play lovers from a R&J / Westside Story sort of world? Or are they a couple from before? I dunno, we still gotta write this damn show.
  7. Trained Pigeon Act
    Still getting put together, but Helena Bertini is working on getting us a trained bird act. She'll make a great woman on the roof who summons pigeons. This isn't her, but here's a bird act//
  8. One more act, TBD.