Titling the show "One Summer on Second Street," setting it on a city block in the Jazz Age, 1920s-30s, USA. Excuse the videos, which are from shows of all different styles.
  1. Alanian Riders
    Cossack-style riding act with two men and two women. Fast-paced, exciting, a wee bit dangerous. http://bit.ly/1wIvEFU
  2. Trained housecats
    Ukranian couple gets annoyed at local alleycats keeping them up at night, tames them. http://bit.ly/1AKBdyD
  3. Adam Kuchler
    One of the best physical comedians out there today. http://bit.ly/1wIvD4O
  4. The Flying Wallendas
    Classic, stately high wire act. They'll be a Czech family on the block, hanging their laundry out to dry. http://bit.ly/1AKBgue
  5. Tramp Wall
    First time Circus Flora will have a tramp wall act. Will fit the show perfectly -- four guys jumping off roofs and in and out of building windows. Put together by Christophe Hamel out of Quebec City. http://bit.ly/1wIvD4Q
  6. Daring Jones Duo
    An exciting and strong duo trapeze act. Do they play lovers from a R&J / Westside Story sort of world? Or are they a couple from before? I dunno, we still gotta write this damn show. http://bit.ly/1AKBgKB
  7. Trained Pigeon Act
    Still getting put together, but Helena Bertini is working on getting us a trained bird act. She'll make a great woman on the roof who summons pigeons. This isn't her, but here's a bird act//youtu.be/oMFXkwowD0M
  8. One more act, TBD.