This was a hugely traumatic evening, hope to never do it again. H was in need of help and a place to crash. Friends, including @jake, helped. Mostly it wasn't funny. But some funny things happened!
  1. We walked to Walgreens at 3am to pick up a Suboxone script that a doctor friend called in. Also while there we bought fuzzy women's moisturizing socks!
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  2. H was 3 days into a downward spiral and has some real long-term work to do to get back on track. But, rather than eat lifesaver gummies out of the bag, he went through the trouble of putting them in a decorative bowl.
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  3. H, mostly not lucid that night, gave one of our frisbee teammates great and physiologically-accurate advice about how to jump higher
  4. Made a big ceremony of triumphantly flushing a thingy of heroin down the toilet
    Unfortunately 20 mins later he revealed he had two more thingies which we then ceremoniously and triumphantly stomped and threw in the trash on 14th St.
  5. Our other friend Wilkes came by in a funny outfit and a topknot!
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  6. Junkies are liars. But sometimes the casual lies come out of left field and are pleasantly surprising
    I need these scripts because I'm about to head to Cambodia!
  7. Learning new lingo
    Before he showed up he casually told us he was "bringing that diesel" with him. Went straight to google after hanging up the phone, like parents trying to better relate to their teenage kid.