Hey @kristopher, thanks for hanging out with Watson this weekend! He's a good boy.
  1. Food
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    I forget what actual quantity this is supposed to approximate, but you should give him two handfuls twice a day. 9am and 6pm is about right, or really just when you wake up and sometime in the evening. Food is in a bin under the coffee machine on the right, blue bowl is under the tall kitchen table.
  2. Walks
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    His standard no-frills day involves a morning walk, an evening walk, and a quick pee at night. I usually keep him on a pretty tight leash in NYC, and it's prob not worth it to introduce him to any other dogs/people this weekend. He will flip out if he sees a skateboard. He'll shit in any dirt/grass area next to a tree, or jump up onto a raised bed. Beware of stray food/chicken bones.
  3. Equipment
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    Blue leash is in hallway, shitbags are in a plastic container attached to the leash. Leash with collar just buckles around him. There's a red "kong" filled with peanut butter in the freezer. Sometimes fun to give this to him as you leave the MLG.
  4. Schedule
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    I'll walk and feed him tonight before I go, so you should just let him out before you go to sleep. I'm back on the red eye Sunday night, landing 6:30am Monday.
  5. Have fun!
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    Thanks dude! Let me know if you have questions