1. Dubai's construction is incredible
    The background noise is two new big buildings getting built. Last night three of my teammates were crossing the marina bridge and a crane on top of a building broke and they started to get hit with rocks/debris. The whole city feels like a movie set
  2. Game setting is sweet
    Skyline behind beach, palm tree shaped man-made island in the water, beautiful beach, and the water is a perfect temperature. Hot and dusty, but the water is great.
  3. Philippines came to play
    The Boracay Dragons have a great hype machine, and know how to play beach ultimate. We are favored to win, still, but that's just bc we know grass ultimate well and just hope that our strategies transfer a bit. If they had the pool of players that we have to pull from, we'd be in big trouble (if we aren't already).
  4. International play is fun
    Always weird to hear people using familiar frisbee lingo in funny accents. Learning about frisbee cultures, both established and up-and-coming, is a treat
  5. Uganda has the best jerseys
    Need to trade for one by end of week
  6. Tournament schedule leaves little time for exploring
    Need to actively make time to sightsee. Tonight's plan is get to mall with indoor ski slope and have a martini while watching people ski.
  7. So much Doner Kabob