My circus got hired to throw a big party last week. It's not what we normally do, but we're a non-profit and need profits, so we went for it. It actually turned out great!
  1. The dog act nearly bailed because the company manager made a remark to him about his sex life that offended him
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    It took some cajoling to get him there. His act was a hit.
  2. Exchanged so many emails with a professional psychic about what her wardrobe should be for the party
    This was the smallest part of coordinating 60+ performers but might have taken the most time. She probably gets this all the time, but shouldn't a psychic know what costume I want her in?
  3. Party planner got so upset with me that the high wire rig had to move six feet to the right.
    To be fair it wasn't where I wanted it either, but sometimes there are realities to rigging issues that make it either impossible or unsafe to rig in certain spaces. Made for a really unpleasant 36 hours before everyone got used to the change.
  4. I was asked to hire a 10-person water ballet group to do a nostalgic 50s style synchronized swimming routine.
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    At one point during their rehearsal I was involved in an absurd group discussion with their captain, the party planner, a pyrotechnics provider that we hired, and a Fire Marshall who was a terrible listener. I got so worked up during this conversation that I had to briefly walk away, which is embarrassing in retrospect.
  5. I ate so many arepas
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    Exercise followed by this hole-in-the-wall Venezuelan joint, Delicias de la Abuela, was my best chance at maintaining sanity while making this party happen.