My circus puts all performers/acts into a story. It gets written uncomfortably close to when rehearsals begin. This show is called One Summer on Second Street -- set on a city block in the Jazz Age
  1. Story is told by our narrator, a classic white-faced clown. She is probably remembering back to a bygone summer. Things have a dreamy feel.
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    Only one speaking role: the narrator. Really difficult to find people who can both act and do great circus acts
  2. Here's a model of the set - inspiration from Romare Bearden's The Block
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    <3 our set designer Sarah Pearline, excited to see it fully built and with details
  3. Characters live and/or work in these buildings. A few different families of different cultural backgrounds who don't necessarily get along. Barber, cop on the beat, livery stable, neighborhood jazz club (our five piece Circus Flora band).
  4. Opening introduces the characters and the world
    Do we list off the characters as an introduction, or find a nice poem about city life while staging people going about their lives?
  5. Some of the people/groups to make sure audience tracks in opening: protective widow w three daughters, middle aged Ukranian couple, Russian taxi drivers at livery stable, barber, cop, grumpy landlord...
  6. Local kids meet up on the street to play - St Louis Arches group acrobatic act. Likely a moment during their act where they have to wait for someone to pass through the "street" before they start up again.
  7. Move to Ukranian couple, how they've lived on 2nd St for years and always have been kept awake by loud alleycats, before taking matters into their own hands. Cue trained housecats act.
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  8. Grumpy landlord learns that Ukranian couple has taken in all these cats, and evicted them. Big scene of them and all their cats being evicted. Make a big deal about the landlord hating animals, and wanting all animals off of 2nd Street.
  9. Adam, our (really great) clown has an entree here
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    Still not sure his exact character -- leaning towards barber -- or how we get into his act from this eviction scene. Yikes, too many unknowns here. Need to cover trapeze rigging at end of act.
  10. Though with widow also hates the landlord, one of her daughters has started a secret romance with him. Cue Daring Jones Duo.
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  11. They elope in secret
    Probably while the high wire rigging is getting set
  12. Meanwhile, landlord and beat cop orchestrate that a family of gentrifiers moves in. Neighbors are upset and don't like them. Cue Flying Wallendas
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  13. Intermission
  14. Second half opens with the widow on her rooftop. She's trained the cities pigeons. Cue trained pigeon act.
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  15. Build a scene in here in which the landlord and new wife are left a baby on their doorstep, which they adopt and begin to love
  16. Following the bird theme, two brothers get woken up by neighborhood rooster, cue Duo Chinese Hoops act. After, they take the rooster in.
  17. Another entree for Adam here, tbd.
    Needed plot development before and/or after: landlord continuing to love his new baby, while also getting more and more upset because residents of 2nd Street keep taking in animals. People keep adopting different animals -- here we'll make use of our mini horse, donkey, goat, others? Even the Wallendas get into the mix and adopt one of them (probably should be one of the funnier ones like the goat or donkey)
  18. Just as landlord is threatening to evict everyone, including the livery stable... (Cue Cossack riding act)
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  19. Landlord is apoplectic about the animals, but also still in love with his wife and newly adopted baby. BUT then we remove the bundles from the baby to reveal that it's been a chihuahua all along! He's been loving an animal and never realized it!
    Um, is this way too ridiculous?
  20. Large group juggling act, quasi-symbolizing everyone's harmony based on shared love of their weird little animals
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    Cat people come back from having been evicted. They were in Malta, or something. Also need to rig the trampoline during this big juggle
  21. Celebration continues as cop invites everyone to party, in the form of trampoline wall act. Set acts as tramp wall, with performers going in/out of windows and off of roof.
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  22. Finale
  23. Thoughts? Suggestions?