An assortment of photos of the beautiful, the ignorant and the doppelgängers.
  1. "I'd go there if I had enough to drink"
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  2. Blur photo, but yum.
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  3. Hot dude reading ✅
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  4. Gay or metrosexual? I basically ask this question everyday in 2015
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  5. Lookin like an IT expert ready to "fix your computer"
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  6. Hank Azaria, is that you??
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  7. Hardcore megadeath fans are allowed to like Taylor Swift, okay.
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  8. Woah
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  9. Who cares if he knows I'm taking this, probably never see him again
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  10. You're killing me!😱
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  11. Looks like the good-turned-evil/hilarious character in 22 Jump Street
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  12. Obsessed
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  13. Asians and their selfie sticks
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