Snaps of Randos

An assortment of photos of the beautiful, the ignorant and the doppelgängers.
  1. "I'd go there if I had enough to drink"
  2. Blur photo, but yum.
  3. Hot dude reading ✅
  4. Gay or metrosexual? I basically ask this question everyday in 2015
  5. Lookin like an IT expert ready to "fix your computer"
  6. Hank Azaria, is that you??
  7. Hardcore megadeath fans are allowed to like Taylor Swift, okay.
  8. Woah
  9. Who cares if he knows I'm taking this, probably never see him again
  10. You're killing me!😱
  11. Looks like the good-turned-evil/hilarious character in 22 Jump Street
  12. Obsessed
  13. Asians and their selfie sticks