Songs I Shouldn't Like but I Do

A list of songs that are pretty much anti-feminist but catchy af
  1. Play by David Banner
    This song's an interesting choice but we all know what encourages sex, "alcohol, hotness and black music"
  2. Blurred Lines
    Obvious choice. The lyrics in the song are horrible and Robin Thicke is a big old pedo but, man, whoever's behind the music of this song knows how to capture the heart of this 20 year old
  3. Baby Got Back
    Why do rude people make such catchy songs?! As a side note, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj will definitely *NOT* make this list... Basically anything by Nicki 👎🏽👎🏽
  4. Gold digger
    As much as I would love to own my own company and make all the big bucks and help all the homeless and illiterate, I wouldn't mind being provided with some extra dollah dollah bills from my main man