1. Brooklyn Blackout Cake from Ovenly
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    It's a sort of happy coincidence that I will be in NYC over my birthday in two weeks because much of the day will be oriented around eating this slice of cake.
  2. Corn cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar
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    The best flavor there.
  3. Creme brûlée donut from Donut Plant
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    I always get this and something else.
  4. A goddamn ice cream sandwich made with a donut from DK Donuts
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    I don't even cross Doheny to get laid but I will for this.
  5. A bevy of flavors from Il Laboratorio del Gelato
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    Generally my move is to try whatever sounds adventurous, but past favorites include pistachio, black sesame, cashew, beet, and green tea
  6. Salt & Straw Ice Cream
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    Now in Los Angeles
  7. Honey fried chicken biscuit from Free Range LA truck
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    Savory also has a place.
  8. Ricotta pancakes from The Modern Pantry
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    This won't actually happen because they are in London
  9. Wine
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    I will get it at Lou. I will ask for suggestions.
  10. Butter biscuits from The Hart & The Hunter
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    They should have sent a poet.
  11. The breakfast at Gartine
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    Not the only reason I would return to Amsterdam but definitely a large factor.