The keys to my heart.
  1. Anything featuring The Muppets
    Because they cut right to my heart. I don't care what it is, they always make me happy.
  2. 30 Rock
    Really anything involving Tina Fey.
  3. Pictures of Chris Evans
    The phrase "shirtless Chris Evans" now automatically fills in on my Google searches. I'm not sad about that.
  4. Cake
    The food, not the band. Although I do like them a lot too.
  5. The Mindy Project
    Really anything @mindy is involved in is going to be a good time.
  6. Getting new books
    I don't read them, but it makes me feel smart to buy them.
  7. The Golden Girls
    Sophia is my hero.
  8. Peanut butter cups
    I'm only human.
  9. Sweater weather
    Summer effing SUCKS elephant balls! Give me that nice weather that only requires me to throw on a cardigan and enjoy a cool breeze. Not only am I comfortable, but I look damn good. Thank you Gap and Banana Republic.
  10. Bassett hounds
    Only the MOST precious of God's creatures, possibly only surpassed by baby farm animals in clothes.
  11. Naked Pictures of Famous People
    Jon Stewart's book that is my go-to. Any essay is good. A personal favorite is the "Hanson Family Christmas."
  12. A McDonald's cheeseburger and large Coke with light ice
    It's junk food on a budget, guys!
  13. Oprah's Instagram
    It's nice to know how royalty lives. She harvests her own garden! Just like I don't!
  14. James Franco's Instagram
    I honestly don't know what the hell in observing most of the time. But I DID see that selfie he took in his underwear like right as it was posted.