Shows I Just Didn't Finish

I've realized I have a terrible habit of falling in love with a TV show, watching/raving about it, but never really finishing it. Maybe I just can't bear the thought of it ending? Or maybe there's too much TV to pick from and I get distracted? Really, I think it's that I'm lazy and/or just really love Bob's Burgers re-runs.
  1. Breaking Bad
    Holy shit, guys! This one, just like Heisenberg's meth, had me hooked from the start. A VERY compelling premise with award winning performances. How could I not like it? I made it through season 2, episode 1 before I just stopped. No real reason other than I'm just enough of a punk that all of the hype surrounding the final episodes (which had just started airing) made me rebel (in true nerd fashion) by not watching.
  2. House of Cards
    Again with the compelling dramas! But for real, I love me some Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. I felt that if put in her position, I'd turn out EXACTLY like Claire. Moral compasses be damned. Added bonus: I got a healthy dose of that DREAMY Corey Stoll. Yet, for some reason, I pressed pause on season 1, episode 2 and have never resumed.
  3. Orange is the New Black
    I didn't exactly watch it right away, but once I got into it, I powered through season 1. Then, I just stopped. About a month ago, I started season 2, but never made it past episode 1. I think part of my issue is that I just don't like Piper. Since she's the starting point, there's usually a lot of her in each episode. Which is a shame because I like every character except for her.
  4. Six Feet Under
    I fell for this one hard. So much so that I bought all of the DVDs one weekend when Amazon had them dirt cheap. Yet every time I finish season 1 (which I've watched 3 times), I can't manage to start season 2. I guess I didn't like it as much as I thought I did?
  5. Weeds
    This one gets me. I spent YEARS on this one. I never had Showtime, but I faithfully bought or rented the DVDs as they became available. Even as a somewhat devoted fan, I can admit that some of the later episodes weren't as good. But I was still enjoying them. Why I have yet to watch the final 5 episodes in the 3 years since I bought the DVD is beyond me.
  6. Mad Men
    I blame college on this one. Around season 4, I started working a regular Sunday night shift at my job. It conflicted with Mad Men. And since I was a poor college student, DVR just wasn't an option. So it fell by the side. I know it's sitting there on Netflix just waiting on me, but I've never finished it.
  7. Downton Abbey
    I invested heavily in the first 4 years and loved every second of it. I even had a few episodes of season 5 on the DVR and was ready to dig in again when tragedy struck: the DVR died. I fell off the tracks and just haven't gotten back on.
  8. Twin Peaks
    My sisters LOVE this show and the impending third season sounds intriguing. So I thought I'd give it a shot. Sure enough, I loved the first 3 episodes. But that's all the farther I've gotten. I think the main issue with it is that it is definitely one you HAVE to invest your time and focus on. I just haven't made that commitment yet.
  9. Spartacus
    Holy titties was this a good one! Nudity aside, it really was a good show. Yet once season 1 ended, I never picked up any of the others.
  10. Fringe
    I've saved my worst offender for last. I fell HARD for this show. Like I watched so many episodes in a day my head hurt. True story. And it was before it became available on Netflix streaming, so it was a lot of DVD rentals from work. I got through the first 4 seasons in about 2 months. I made it through disc 1 of season 5, then stopped. I don't know why. I was still into it and I didn't feel burned out. But maybe I was.