Requested by @sa
  1. Same Old Place
    Easy choice. Never forget. Never.
  2. Bukhara
    Mediocrity mitigated by fact that it's a buffet. Highly recommend as a pregame for Thanksgiving dinner. Tried it on 2005 when Mike Vick was still in ATL and it was a great time
  3. JP Seafood
    Still there, still fightin'
  4. Doyle's
    First non-Centre St selection. Best place to run into Regan league teams celebrating the end of a losing season. Perhaps the least degenerate of JP's Irish bars
  5. Bellaluna
    Tbh couldn't tell you where this place is located anymore but the Milky Way has hosted too many bday parties to be left off the list.
  6. Sorella's
    Can confirm they serve eggs
  7. Noodle barn
    Never tried it which inherently makes it superior to #8-10
  8. Grass Fed
    I'm not down with these sixth wave gentrifiers
  9. Real Deal
    Unmittigated trash
  10. Purple Cactus
    This fucking place has such mystifying and disappointing staying power. They somehow succeed in dividing each burrito exactly in half so that every other bite is pure sour cream. PC makes me actively disdain local businesses. Bring in Chipotle. Murals fine tho