Tho the marriage didn't last, the legacy remains
  1. 1.
    Still and forever the greatest piece of art about the baby condition
  2. 2.
    Wild Thornberrys
    Exoticism? Cultural imperialism? An exercise in cross-cultural and cross-special understanding? WHO'S TO SAY???
  3. 3.
    As Told By Ginger
    Klasky/Csupo's blue period. This must have been when their marriage was breaking apart. They loaded up this show w an insane dose of melancholy. Made me fear the intellectual torment and burning depression of being 10
  4. 4.
    Rocket Power
    This is no knock on the riders on a mission, 2-4 are rather interchangeable. Gets credit for introducing squid into the cultural lexicon. Raymoooooooondo
  5. 5.
    All Grown Up
    Always thought they got Dill wrong. They needed to really commit to him having long hair or paint him as an Andy Kaufman-esque eccentric. Valentine's Day episode ft. Lil Romeo is very romantic and sensual
  6. 6.
    Ahhh! Real Monsters!
    Visual poetry no doubt but my preference for human beings lands it at #6