I know this is already a thing and they have a web presence and currently host the fucking Instagram handle but if I started a Girls I Know Atlanta version here's who I'd feature:
  1. Susan
    Lives in a giant Victorian home in Inman park and runs a well known gallery from her backyard. Seems like she's never made an enemy. She is so friendly and fun. And I would def have to shoot her "Shrine-o de Wine-o" wine cellar. It has actual Finster pieces!!
  2. Victoria
    Editor and art director for this cool indie art mag that saw its inception in Atlanta in the 70s. She writes very beautifully and knows like 4 languages.
  3. Sheyda
    Freelance writer and foodie. Sheyda seems to know everybody and I think uniting people is one of her best qualities. Another one is maybe her brutal honesty.
  4. Anasha
    I think the very first thing I ever said to her was wow u have really great skin!! This isn't the only thing she's great at-she is super at LinkedIn. Also she took me to a talk with Gloria Steinem and bell hooks so that was very sweet
  5. The Twins
    They have all these really funny stories about their parents. They are so precocious and charming. They look like characters straight out of a Wes Anderson movie and Reese always sends me pics of baby frenchies ugh so cute
  6. Paula
    She hustles so hard and does set design and her passion projects on the side while holding real jobs. Plus she always supports her friends and makes it out to every event
  7. Christiane
    New girl at work and she wants to be an art director in film and tv. She reminds me of Jessa from GIRLS but minus the English accent