A peer into the mind of J Grimm
  1. Look at all this metal on my head
  2. Extraterrestrials are def picking up signals
  3. Woo it's warm in here
  4. Ow
  5. Oooookay it's hot in here
  7. This
  8. Head
  9. Is
  10. On
  11. FiiiiyuuUuuUUUUUuhhh
  12. Wow is this even worth it
  13. Oh god I think my hair is falling off
  14. I would rather be on fear factor eating vile ass insects
  15. Will I look like kin to Donald Trump
  16. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckfuckfuckfu k
  17. If i get thru this I can definitely birth a human being no prob
  18. Fleekness is pain hunty ✔️
  19. I could prob buy a black box dye from CVS if I hate this