Boston ain't safe, y'all.
  1. Got on the Green line with Mark, my new boyfriend
    (as of last night?! Yea! Your boy still got it)
  2. Chatted with Mark, holding hands, casual and romantic-like
  3. Arrive at Kenmore. See David, a boy I met in an opera last November and dated in December before deciding he was exhausting me in the wrong ways
    Artist-types should avoid dating other artists.
  4. David, thankfully, does not get on our train. Which is a one-car trap of travesty proportions
  5. Mark gets off at Copley to go to work. Kiss him goodbye
  6. Read ListApp until I transfer to the red line at Park St
  7. Get on a train. Sit listening to Yelle
    Coca sans Bulle. Catchy. As. Hell.
  8. My ex Matthew texts me about someone we mutually loathe due to attention-seeking properties of truly epic proportions
  9. We continue to text. I find out he's going from central to Davis (my same way on the red line).
    But am not worried I'll see him cause what are the odds
  10. Matthew texts me "look up"
  11. I respond "no" knowing full well that he's getting on my train, in my car
    Fuck. Ps I haven't showered cause I left Mark's place late
  12. Matthew sits across from me but a homeless man starts talking to him and saves me from interaction.
  13. I continue to text / laugh at Matthew and pretend our homeless man friend is actually Kathy Bates, with whom Matt is going to have brunch
  14. I don't even take my headphones out
  15. I gracefully exit at Harvard to get a chai latte
  16. I find myself in the middle of a parade
    That's when you know you fucked up. Happy Memorial Day.