Sundays are about boys and booze as far as I'm concerned.
  1. Making lemon ricotta lavender pancakes while watching Under the Tuscan Sun
    She starts a whole new life. I mean, I cry
  2. Making any kind of pancakes and watching any "classic" RomCom
    The longer and snappier the better. Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Holiday, Miss Congeniality, Gone With the Wind, I can go on and on and on
  3. Skipping my church gig to stay in bed with a cute boy
  4. Having (late) morning sex with a cute boy
  5. Going to a European shop to pick out cured meats and soft cheeses and fresh baguette and prosecco and basil and avocado. Proceed to the river for sunny picnic times
    Preferably with the cute boy you just took to pound town
  6. Brunch with Evan after I end up inevitably going to my church gig at some fashionable place on Newbury or in Brookline
    Bubbles are not optional. I don't make the rules
  7. Talking about having sex with a cute boy at brunch
    I blame Sex and the City for this
  8. Curing your hangover with alcohol
    Bubbles. Are. Not. Optional.
  9. Practicing piano for fun, not for work
    Extra points if it's cloudy and you play Chopin