An ISSUE we NEED to DISCUSS because half our nation's lawmakers have the attention span of overexcited, sticky preschoolers being herded into nap time
  1. Another motherfucker got another motherfucking gun and went on a motherfucking spree and the country does nothing, ever, because it's a "right," and this debate isn't even a debate anymore, never was really, because we let children and innocents die without taking action. When will we not have to mentally scan our contact lists in each city
    that comes raging into the news and then read of the unfathomable bravery it takes to rise to such a horrific occasion and protect as many of those around you as possible? I am sick at our world and I am dismayed at what we continue to stand for
  2. And wait - this happens literally almost every day. Every day we make these sacrifices.
  3. Is it honestly us against the gun lobby? Yes, CA has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, but thats not to say that restricted access doesn't work. It means that there's more to be done. Simply going outside is becoming way too much a game of chance for our loved ones - will there be a shooter? Will the bullet hit us where it counts?
    I am sick about it and I am dismayed
  4. Does anyone "in the know" know what we can do to take action about gun control?
  5. Deep breath.
  6. BUT Shit has GOT TO CHANGE. We have to protect each other.