More "ir-" than not tbh
  1. Being late
    What if I'm late what a mess I am ugh I'll be sweaty from running there and everyone will be able to smell my failure / desperation
  2. Being early
    What will I do with myself what if someone tries to talk to me
  3. Making haircut appointments
    What if they don't have time for me what if my regular girl (praise Ilana) doesn't have time for me or left
  4. Getting my hair cut
    What if there are silences? What if I'm not fun? What if my hair is sweaty or unclean or too dry or obviously uncared for? Judgment will be happening and what if I don't like it and have to ask for more off the sides
  5. Making doctors appointments
    What if I don't know how to use insurance or they can't find it when they look it up in their database or they don't have time for me when I need or there's something wrong with me
  6. Not knowing how to work an elevator / door / piece of technology
  7. Taking up too much space without thinking about my privilege on the subway
    Am I a manspreading or in any way not considering the needs of everyone else on this train
  8. The dentist
    I don't go. I take such good care of my teeth because I'm that afraid.
  9. Having to ask people for help
    Getting better at this one. It's less about me thinking I'm inadequate and more about not wanting to bother someone else
  10. Snakes
    This is obvious
  11. Birds / lizards
    I can't tell which direction they're gonna move next! They're jerk-y
  12. Talking on the phone
    What if I actUALLY DIE