My name is Jon Oakes. I am a 24-year-old white male. There is no shame in my game.
  1. Morowa2 (8 years old)
    I had a stuffed animal African orangutan named Morowa. It means "Queen" and was so inappropriate for me (though! foreshadowing!). I used this screenname to play internet games, to which I was HEAVILY addicted.
  2. JoakesterJ (11 years old)
    Joakes was taken. Needed a new screenname to talk to my classmates on AIM. Couldn't go by an African monkey name to try to be friends with Jessie Channick, my only AIM contact for the longest time. This screenname saw me through my first internet forays throughout middle school and early high school.
  3. JonJonLovesPie (17 years old)
    Felt I needed a more whimsical screenname my junior and senior year of high school. Inevitably defected back to JoakesterJ.
  4. Joakess (18 years old)
    On twitter (later Instagram, even later snapchat). Joakes was taken. A pox on whomever got there first
  5. agreenandyellowmelancholy (21 years old)
    Tumblr I got after a devastating breakup. From the Shakespeare: "She pined in thought, and with a green and yellow melancholy, she sat like Patience on a monument... Was not this love indeed?" So deep and sensitive. Some naked men here.
  6. Joakes (24 years old)
    ListApp! I finally got one s to my Joakes. Bless 👼🙌