1. Firstly: I don't believe in talents, just hard work and a callous and cavalier rejection of "limits"
  2. With that in mind...
  3. Erasing memories so that I never have to cringe looking back!!!
    Incalculable skill. I simply deny the event happened. I repeat the new truth so often I'm not even lying anymore
  4. Can stay inside for a really long period of time!!!
  5. Can eat a lot of apples!!!
  6. (Almost) Never throw up from drinking!!!
  7. Buying only navy / grey / black clothes on accident but having my whole closet match as a result!!!
  8. Music?
    I birthed this talent into existence over many years
  9. My feet are naturally very archy!!!
    I have been told this by every dancer I've ever met
  10. Walking on my hands!!!
    My face explodes from blood rush though, it's like not even worth doing because it's embarrassing and then I have to rewrite the memory (see top of list)
  11. Sex!!!
    Everyone thinks they are great at sex though but I am really 💯