Updated as I do my 2015 rewatch
  1. "Popular girl is not a fruit."
    Delightful simplicity. Turns Libby Chessler from pineapple back into Libby Chessler
  2. "Slippery floor!"
    Makes the floor slippery
  3. "And you forgot you're a goat!"
    Turns Libby Chessler into a goat
  4. Opening a Can of Worms
    Heightens all emotions to soap opera levels until all worms have wriggled to a dramatic conclusion
  5. "Be a dummy, be a fool, switch off your brains, just please don't drool"
    Allows you to talk for someone else
  6. "Mortal boys we have a plent-a - for witch fellas, we need a yenta"
    Summons your witch yenta. Get it in
  7. Boy Brew
    Turns a female into a male for 2 hours
  8. Rose-colored glasses
  9. Sucker
    Lollipop that makes you fall for anything you're told (HA! Haaa! Love this show)
  10. Bottled talent
    Fizzy goodness that makes you a star! If drunk flat, makes you tragic again