✨🐋✨ Isn't it a beautiful day for Merc to continually spiral backwards RHUDE
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    Wake up, fortunately (more or less)
    Always with a little shake of the head as I thank my body for keeping me alive longer just so I can keep paying bills
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    Drink a shitton of green tea 🌱
    Ah, health. Health is your wealth. Mantra time! "I look and feel amAHzing!" Helpful hint: don't look in the mirror while you say it! ☺
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    Tiptoe over to the (unfortunately ever-widening) Existential Dread Pit™ that is my mid-20s. Peer deeeeep within. Decide how much of it I am capable of even *thinking* about confronting today. Then actually handle about 1/100th of a smithereen of that noise
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    A crossword 👌🏼
    Mama keeps it sharp