Since the class of 15 is graduating today
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  3. Hmm
  4. Well. I have a sneaking suspicion my resume ends up closer to the top of the pile? That and cause my name is Jonathan William Oakes and they KNOW I'm a white make w/ priv.
  5. I didn't love Harvard and I think it's a miserable place full of equally miserable people. You can learn anything you need to about the world by being in it and being of it. The longer I refused to drink the Kool-aid, the more I realized Harvard might not be the best base from which to engage with other individuals/ communities at large.
  6. That is, people rarely leave campus. "The bubble" is a real thing people joke about / talk of - but what good comes from this brand of (fearful, privileged) self-isolation?
  7. If you're anything like this moi, Harvard might also suck for you
  8. So there. A voice of dissent in the seasonal fuckery that is Harvard graduation