"Am I intriguing or just another white girl?" - Audrey Hepburn
  1. Not being chained to Netflix
    I stopped piggybacking on everyone else's accounts and it was hard for a day but now I feel more than a slight superiority
  2. Matching black and navy
    I think I'm such an artiste and so subversive and nonchalant and avant garde but ultimately this was carefully, carefully planned
  3. Resenting my dad
  4. Not drinking coffee (but when I do, only drinking a coffee black / espresso)
    And that's exactly how I phrase it and yes, I say "coffee black" rather than "black coffee" and that must earn me a lot of points on this list alone
  5. Wearing Buddhist beads
    My yoga-loving friend in LA sent them to me as a gift and picked the stones for me based on what I've gone through in my life and I cried when I got them and I never, ever take them off
  6. Talking about my Buddhist beads all the time
    "The lapis lazuli is for finding truth in creative endeavors and the snowflake obsidian is for like, protection or purity or something. Let me go look that one up again"
  7. Believing in astrology / loving horoscopes
    I like to match peoples birthdays to mine on this site and see how our relationship will play out. It's been accurate about all my exes and my dad so that's enough for me
  8. Keeping up with The Real Housewives
    I've done it religiously since its birth. It is the cornerstone of many of my personal relationships. And this is sort of about my interest in studying people and sort of just because I'm garbage