I don't really cry in real life but I'm the worst with movies. This is just one instance.
  1. The very opening frames cause I know what's coming
  2. When the instrumental/choral theme plays and all the mermaids swim to the palace
  3. During the violin climax of part of your world
  4. At the end of part of your world
  5. During the storm when the dog is stuck on the boat and Eric almost doesn't save them
  6. Reprise of part of your world the first time
  7. Reprise of part of your world the second time when her hair is all blowin on that rock and she doesn't know when and doesn't know how but she is gonna love on Prince Eric one way or the other
    Spoiler alert: it's "the other"
  8. When the wedding ship departs and Ariel cries and all is lost
  9. When the gremlins turn back into mermaids
  10. When Triton acknowledges Ariel and turns her into a human
  11. When they get married and the chorus sings the ridiculous/amazing higher version of the main theme