Saw a few people do this, then @tombatten's, plus I'm in the gym dying on a treadmill so here goes a distraction tactic
  1. An artist
    I drew constantly from age 3 til 10. I illustrated a children's book once that was never published
  2. A mermaid singer
    The Little Mermaid was (is) my favorite Disney movie
  3. A writer
    I read constantly from age 7-17
  4. A historian of ancient Egypt
    I read weird things when I was 7
  5. A historian of Ancient Rome
  6. Track sprinter
  7. Sabrina the teenage witch
  8. An actor
  9. A writer
  10. A politician
  11. A geneticist
    I was told none of my precious goals were "practical"
  12. Pianist
  13. An intellectual property lawyer
  14. A historian of Medieval Europe
  15. A historian of Renaissance and Baroque Europe
    My major at Harvard I ended up hating. So interesting but not when done for a grade
  16. Sandra Bullock
    The noblest aspiration
  17. Opera singer
    Currently pursuing and loving it