I know cause I am one
  1. Opportunity
    You CANNOT make it through church without hearing this, it's not possible.
  2. "It will bless your life"
    Very specific
  3. Close quote
  4. "We're thankful for this day"
  5. Moisture.
    We need it. We're thankful for it. Still the worst word in the English language.
  6. "For those of you who don't know me..."
    I'm about to kill 6 minutes of my 15 minute talk telling you my life story
  7. Nourish and strengthen
    "Do us the good that we need" or "keep us strong and healthy" are not good alternatives for this either
  8. Weird uses of the word "even"
    "Even Thomas S Monson..."
  9. "Prophet-a-God"
    "I know he is a true prophet-a-god"
  10. Wonderful
  11. "My sweet sisters"
    "You are so wonderful" (see item 10)
  12. "I promised myself I wouldn't do this"
  13. Heavy petting
    Something youth are told to avoid, except no one actually knows what it specifically means. see: necking
  14. "I wasn't going to get up here but..."
    Let me guess, your heart was racing
  15. "We will sing on page..."
    You can't sing ON a page.
  16. Busom
    You guys, unless you're reading out of the good book please use another word less reminiscent of boobs
  17. "In the name of thy son"
    You better be praying rn