What It's Like Being Married To A Hypochondriac

  1. Lots of ER visits
    Sometimes the nurses laugh at his paranoia
  2. Lots of medical bills
    They never stop
  3. If two people he knows get a rare illness, he'll spend the next year convinced he has it as well
  4. You'll hear phrases like "excruciating headaches" but never see the normal actions of someone in pain
  5. You are expected to be empathetic even when you know he is wasting his best and healthiest years of his life worrying unnecessarily
  6. You are afraid to ask him to see a therapist/psychiatrist because you don't want to hurt his feelings
  7. You try to maintain a balance of listening and feeling compassion for his pains while also feeling exasperated because no doctor has ever found anything wrong
  8. You'll hear him tell his parents about his strange symptoms and realize he is the way he is because they feed it
  9. You wonder if he sometimes wishes he were sick