They say every relationship gets better....apparently they also get taller.
  1. 5'1"
    ALLEN. High school. Moved to NYC together. He was a broker. Now he has an social app for the vape community 😷
  2. 5'3"
    JAY. We lived together my last two years of college. I don't really remember anything about that time. Sweet guy. 🌉
  3. 5'8"
    KEVE. After Allen. Smoked a lot of weed. Played a lot of video games. Never had a job. We both have twins now. 👬👭
  4. 5'9"
    MIKE. Were together during 9/11. He crashed his motorcycle doing a wheelie in Times Square. Such a confusing time.🚒
  5. 6'1"
    @ikeafterall Now my husband. Met 9 years ago at a Memorial Day party. Love of my life.💜