As requested @sloan
  1. They more different than I thought they'd be
    They don't look that much alike and they clearly have different personalities.
  2. Two IS better than one
    Having two little people to watch navigate the world at the exact same time is highly entertaining. They're already (at 9 months) playing and interacting and its very fun to watch.
  3. Everybody loves a twin situation
    If you're into attention--have twins. If you're super into getting tons of attention--have twins and only dress them alike (stupes)
  4. Two for the price of two
    I didn't really calculate that I'd be buying twice as much of EVERYTHING twice as many diapers, twice as much formula, twice as much laundry, twice as muh childcare, twice as much co-pays (even though they can fit teo visits into one 👊)
  5. Categories, risk-rankings, etc.
    •Di-Di = FRATERNAL / LOW-RISK / MOST COMMON / HEREDITARY/ IVF (risks basically the same as having a singleton. Risk factors in at delivery but you can still have a home birth in most states) •Mono-Di = HIGH-RISK / IDENTICAL / NON-HEREDITARY / 1% OF ALL PREGNANCIES GLOBALLY (twins don't have to run in your family to have identical twins. This is a random act of fertility. These kinds of twins can happen to ANYONE.) •Mono-Mono = VERY HIGH RISK / RARE / HIGH MORTALITY 😢